How to Choose Home Care in New Jersey

In-home services are clearly on the rise as boomers age.

The landscape of home care can be daunting for even an astute professional, let alone the novice caregivers, often in crisis.  The thought of allowing a stranger into one’s home for even minimal amounts of time can meet with resistance, fear, and lack of comfort or even ability to direct a home care worker- as well as to allow intimate personal care to be delivered.

Consumers often do not realize that someone they hired without working through an agency is their employee. They are responsible for taxes, liability insurance and unemployment taxes, Workmen’s Compensation, and time off coverage.  Nor do they realize hiring without benefit of an agency leaves them vulnerable to lack of information regarding medical, financial, legal and psychological status.

Not all home care companies are created equally. The following questions should help you determine the differences:

  1. Who employs the aide?
  2. What is the agency’s screening process? (References, criminal background test, interview, tests, legal status?)
  3. What is included in the rate quoted? (Taxes, government mandated deductions, Workmen’s Comp?)
  4. How long has the agency been in business?
  5. Is there a full-time RN who supervises the aide and writes the plan of care?
  6. How are emergencies after hours handled?
  7. How the aide’s time off covered?
  8. Who licenses the agency?
  9. Has the agency attained accreditation from a third party overseer? If so, ask for a copy.

        Home care can be an essential, pleasant, meaningful, and mutually rewarding experience. The relationships that develop are often magical and special. Doing your due diligence in determining which agency shares your philosophy of care as a shared partnership will serve you well.

Freedom Home Healthcare, located in Hackensack, was founded in 2003 by a group of dedicated and compassionate experts in geriatrics. We are proud to represent more than 200 years of professional experience  in aging, a three year winner  of the national recognition of the best of Home Care Award ( only 1% of companies achieve this honor) and most proud CHAP- accredited health service firm.

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As featured in the Jewish Standard, August 19, 2016