Assistive Products for People with Vision Impairment

When caring for a family member with impaired vision because of diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, there are many things a caregiver can do to help. However, there are also many innovative and useful specialty products for people who have low vision. These products can enhance a person’s independence through simple assistive means.

Talking Color Identifier with Light Probe

This small device detects about 100 colors. Caretec, the company that produced the first and still the most advanced color identifier, the Colortest, has designed a simpler version using the same advanced technology. This device distinguishes sources, intensities and natural from artificial light. It speaks clearly at three volumes and has an earphone jack.

Hi-Mark™ Tactile Pen

A three-dimensional plastic liquid that makes raised lines, dots and shapes to identify clothing, canned goods, frozen foods, and mark the settings on appliances.

VOXCOM III Voice Labeling

Record audio talk labels and messages by pressing a button and inserting a card into the unit. The card attaches to canned goods, medication, clothing, food, and household items.

i.d. mate OMNI

Talking bar code scanner that also has the ability to record personal voice messages. It provides assistance when identifying products at home or the store.

Eye-Pal SOLO

Appliance that reads for you or can be plugged into a monitor to enlarge text for reading. Just place a book under the reading eye and it begins reading aloud. Wave a hand in front of the eye to pause the reading.

Compact+ Hand-held Electronic Magnifier

Small enough to fit in a purse or briefcase, it allows for magnifying anything, anywhere, up to 10x on its own integrated screen.

Talking Alarm Cube Clock

Clock announces time hourly or on demand.

Click Pocket Money Brailer

Marks denominations of money by pressing Braille text into the bills. Small enough to fit into a pocket.


A black card with a slot cut in it to expose the line being read as you move it down the page. This will help to reduce the glare reflecting off the page and improve the apparent contrast of the print. Read a complete line on a page clearly—enhanced by 1.5x magnification.