Home Care Month – In Celebration of Home Health Aides!

news-freedom-elder-care-new-jersey-home-health-monthIf home care is the body of a profession dedicated to honoring and caring for individuals wherever they may call home, then the Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) is the heart that sustains that body.

To celebrate National Home Health Care Month without highlighting the contributions of the home health care aides is like talking about Adam without Eve, Anthony without Cleopatra, Abbot without Costello….well, you know what I’m saying!

I have been a geriatric health care administrator for 35 years. My career has spanned long term care facility management, assisted-living administration, private geriatric care management and consulting before coming to the private duty home care world almost 10 years ago.

I must confess that home care has been the most challenging job I’ve had in my career. There are so many opportunities to disappoint the client and/or family – strong accents, cultural diversity among the professional caregivers, occasional unrealistic expectations from clients and their families, last minute crises and emergencies, and so many ‘moving parts’ to get through each and every day.

And yet, in spite of the obstacles – perhaps even because of them – when the relationship works between an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor and a 31-year-old undereducated woman from Nairobi, there is a magic unlike any I’ve ever witnessed.

The devotion, concern and caring displayed by 99 percent of this unique and diverse workforce is one with which to be reckoned. The poignancy of shared stories and mutual affection between unlikely couples ‘thrown together’ by fate and circumstances is what makes the challenges both worthwhile and rewarding.

Thank you doesn’t begin to cover the gratitude I express to the Freedom Home Health Care CHHAs on behalf of the clients they have cared for since 2004!

Congratulations for being the care in Home Health Care!

– Barbra London, President