5 Things Elderly Drivers Should Know

news-freedom-elder-care-new-jersey-driving-tips-elderly-seniorsGetting older can sometimes mean using more caution for the simple tasks in life. Things such as avoiding injuries in the home and being more careful about driving are two of the main issues where exercising caution is crucial.

In order to stay safe behind the wheel, here are five tips to help elderly drivers:

#1: To Tint or Not To Tint

Believe it or not, tinted windows could be a real must-have for elderly drivers. Often times glares are what cause problems for drivers, young and old. Instead of relying on sunglasses a mild tint to your windows can help reduce glare, as well as provide some other benefits.

#2: Use Power Steering To Your Advantage

If you do not already have power steering you should seriously consider getting this feature. Power steering makes it so much easier for elderly drivers to handle the car on the road.

#3: GPS Navigation Systems Can Do Wonders for Safer Driving

One common problem among all drivers, especially seniors, is the issue of trying to look for a destination while driving. Many seniors claim they don’t want to be bothered with technological gadgets. Once you get used to using a navigation system you will see how much easier it makes driving so you can get to your destination safely. Other types of GPS systems are already being used to help Alzheimer’s patients, so use your navigation system to help while driving.

#4: Be Aware Of Your Medications & Driving

Not every doctor realizes his or her senior patients are still driving. Although they should ask, take it upon yourself to alert your doctor of this when you are getting a new prescription. Some medications can cause eyesight limitations or drowsiness, as well as other side effects. This will only add to the problems you could have while driving. Also, make it a point to read up on the medications you are presently taking to be sure none of them could be interfering with your ability to drive.

#5: Keep Up With the Little Details

Once your response time begins to slow it is important that you have everything working to your advantage when you are behind the wheel. So it is important to make sure all of those little details about your car you used to overlook are now in order. Your windshield wipers for instance are of major importance, so be sure to replace them as often as needed. It is also important to keep your headlights clean and free from debris. Set yourself up to be a safe driver and you should see great results.

The most important thing is to be realistic about your ability to drive. If at any point you begin to be unsure about this, don’t take the risk. Being able to hand the keys over when you know you need to is not a sign of giving up your freedom. You can find another great guide if you click here.

Being a driver of any age is about only getting behind the wheel when you know you are capable of doing so.