All the Tiny Details

As we move into warm weather and summer BBQs, I personally am turning a page after almost one year in my new role as Director of Operations at Freedom Home Healthcare.

Overall I’m going on 11 years in the home care field, and I am just beginning to fully utilize the many skills and experiences I have learned in the various different roles I have held over time.

As I reflect on the past 10 months that I have been in my new position, I can see how my role plays a critical part in the day-to-day activities of the company.

I would have to say that the tiny details are the main focus of my work day.  From the necessary and obvious follow-ups, including the small details in an intake or scheduling note, documentation that needs to be communicated, the caregiver who needs gloves, the car that broke down,  or the client that moved to the hospital, to actually remembering, implementing and following up on these details! I am here to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed or incomplete.

My new role enables me to provide not only oversight and support to both the Human Resources and Care Coordinator departments, but also bridge the gaps and holes in communication, and smooth the processes between the mutually dependent departments such as the field staff (our RNs and SWs), payroll, intake and billing which when all working together truly provide and show the Freedom difference.

Working in a field where human error plays such a large role in day to day operations, a simple and clear laid out plan with consistent improvement and dedication to excellence along with strong communication plus the crucial attention to detail can help to eliminate or minimize those errors.  When those errors do occur (and they will occur!) the team  has a clear way of resolving those errors rapidly and effectively with immediate attention paid to the continuous improvement on the specific area.

Working at Freedom for the past four years and growing in my new role I believe that the Freedom team and I have grown each year into an even more outstanding group of individuals who with passion and a clear love for home care can exceed any expectation and continue to maintain the high level of customer service and excellent care a the core of what we do every day.

At times it goes unnoticed or sometimes just isn’t known to many, all that goes into getting everyone where they need to be yet not forgetting those all those tiny details that truly make a difference.

Most days its a recipe of a little bit of chaos- a great deal of continuous attention and a layering of strong and clear systems.

Once in a while, however, it takes a good magician to create the magic!

~  Tara Smith-Keeler