Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Hearing Aid

Before investing in a new hearing aid, ask the hearing aid dispenser or audiologist the following questions:

  • What features would be the most useful to me?
  • What is the total cost of the hearing aid?
  • What guarantees or warranties come with the hearing aid?
  • How long do the guarantees or warranties last, and can they be extended?
  • Does the warranty cover future maintenance and repairs?
  • How much will servicing the hearing aid cost?
  • Do you provide a loaner if the hearing aid needs repairing?
  • What sort of instruction do you supply for the hearing aid?
  • What does the person pay if he doesn’t buy the hearing aid after the trial period?
  • Can assistive devices such as a telecoil be used with the hearing aid?

Getting used to wearing a hearing aid takes time:

  • It may feel uncomfortable at first and you will need practice at adjusting the volume
    and/or program for sounds
  • The sound heard is different because it’s amplified
  • Try more than one device, if necessary, to find one that works well
  • Most states have laws requiring a trial period before buying a hearing aid