My Grandma Has a Facebook?!?!

Imagine waking up, logging onto Facebook and seeing a friend request from your Grandmother!

My first reaction was to call my mother and ask, “Since when does Nana have a Facebook???”

My grandmother, who I once unsuccessfully tried to teach how to use an iPod, now “likes” my statuses and comments on my pictures on a daily basis. It cracks me up, and I love it, since I don’t see her very often because she and my grandfather live in South Jersey.

It’s a fun way to communicate. Granted, I had to set up her profile picture for her during my last visit because for weeks all I saw was that grey box with the white silhouette of a woman, so I INSISTED that I change it; but I must say, I am impressed!  Now I look at my Facebook and to my surprise not only does my grandmother have a page, but so does my grandmother’s longtime friend, my Great Aunt and GASP…my mother in law! Who’s next and what’s next?

When you study the statistics, the younger generations were the ones responsible for the growth of the internet. However, senior citizens now signify the fastest growing portion of internet users.

he numbers are shocking, and they are on the rise. But think about it…what better way to keep in touch with family, especially those who live in different states?

We now have the technology to use webcams with programs like iChat and websites like Skype, which allows seniors to see what their loved ones are up to.

My grandparents are about an hour or so away from their children and grandchildren, but fortunately they have made a lot of friends in their senior village.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day when my grandmother sits down at her computer while my grandfather watches his Yankees games, it must be nice to log on and view the photographs her grandchildren have taken or check to see how her children’s days were.

Now when she calls her family, she knows whether or not to keep it short, based on their “IS IT FRIDAY YET?” statuses, or by logging on to see pictures of her new great-granddaughter.

It makes her happy to be in the loop, and I can only imagine that it’s refreshing for most seniors who are in my grandparent’s shoes.